5 Fall 2022 Fashion Trends

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Our Favorite Fall 2022 Trends
Fall is near and it’s that exciting time to scan through your closet to see what you may be missing. But before you do take look at our favorite fall 2022 fashion trends for the season because they might just shock you. And not in a crazy high fashion way, but shocked as in a ‘ I already own that’ kind of way! Take our advice and build some fall outfits they you will be sure to wear for many years to come.
leather skirt and leather jacket fall fashion trend


First up is Leather.

Leather is always cool for Fall + Winter but is easily f**ked up. We want to make this years trend look classic and cool for years to come. Because in reality we don’t want to be ‘trendy’, we want to be stylish, right?! So to do that invest in a really great leather skirt or leather jacket. Opt for a hue you love, remember leather comes in a million colors. Our favorite is a rich camel obvi but you can go for an emerald green, burgundy or the ever trusty black for this one.  Whats sexier then a black leather skirt? Honestly, not much!

Not a skirt girl? No problem. A leather jacket is always a good idea and there are a million styles to choose from. Personally, we are not huge fans of the cropped moto style but if you are, go for it. Instead go for a jacket that maybe a little over sized and longer in length. Think, can I wear my chunkiest sweater underneath this comfortably? Chillier temps are all for layering and stylish girls know that a soft, fuzzy turtleneck under a leather jacket is ultimate cool girl style in the Fall. Especially this year when leather blazers are on trend, a style with a longer length is sure to be styled for years to come.

We can’t forget about leather boots! Truly always in style pick a pair that goes with your general color palette. You can pair knee high leather boots with work wear, skinny jeans or even under your boot cut jeans (yes bootcut is coming back too). For a totally chic date night look pair a midi length leather skirt with tall leather boots in a matching color. Top with a cozy knit and an awesome handbag for a classic look.

romantic dressing + feminine style fall fashion
Ultra Feminine is still going strong into Autumn.

Dubbed Romantic Dressing by Vogue, this one is easier done in Spring and Summer but here is how any of us girlies can take this into Fall.

Layer, layer, layer! Take that sweet dress or silky camisole and throw a chic sweater over it. Style this: a silky tank with lacey border (think lingerie style top) with a soft cardigan sweater over it and a pair of crisp white denim jeans. Finish it off with booties to match and some cute accessories and you have the perfect romantic outfit to transition into fall.

We love this trend because it is versatile! You can take dresses, tops, skirts and more from your Spring + Summer collections into Fall with some easy re-styling. Most likely, you have everything you need in your closet for this one!

90s style - carolyn bessette kennedy style - 90s fashion
90’s Cool Girl is always in.

90’s style grunge is in this season but we are less keen to the punk rock versions you will see on the runways. Instead we love a 90’s cool girl look that is moody and dark. Who better nailed that style then Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy? Her avant garde style was so different from the rest of her famous family and that’s exactly what made her a 90s fashion icon. While it sounds big, her style was simple and chic pairing black or dark colors together and always keeping a streamline of pieces that are easy to style up or down.

So, if you’re not into fish net and doc martens try a 90s outfit in the effortlessly cool way of Carolyn. Invest in a great pair of jeans and buy high quality staples you can wear out and about town to look effortlessly chic.

white tank and jeans outfit - fall fashion
I can’t believe its just a White Tank with Jeans!

We know what you are thinking, how is this even considered a trend when everyone wears this all the time? Well, here we are! The best part of rocking a white tank with your favorite pair of jeans is the confidence it can give you. This trend isn’t something that’s hard to find for your best shape or tone. But, instead you already have that pair of favorite denim that makes you feel hot! White tank? You can pick that up anywhere.

It’s arguably the most versatile outfit ever. Running errands? Going to lunch? Girls night out? You can dress down with sneakers, dress up with heels, throw on sandals and so much more. There is just a million different ways to style something so basic so your style creativity is free to be on show!

corporate style - matilda djerf - matilda djerf style - fall fashion trends

Last but not least Cool Girl Corporate.

Ok, you can just go to Matilda Djerfs Instagram and copy her style for this one because she is the epitome of cool girl corporate. Are you a kick ass working girl who also loves style? This is for you. transform your work wear staples into something totally chic with (again) pieces in your closet! The leather blazer trend we talked about earlier? Fits in here perfectly.

Pair a blazer over a mini dress with some prada leather boots and a chic purse for a going out look thats straight off the runway. Or take your office look to happy hour by pairing a silky take with your trousers. If you’re in for something more casual but love a statement jacket pair a colorful blazer with jeans and a flashy pair of shoes. Either way you go this trend is versatile and timeless.

Fall fashion has given us so many great trends this year that are sustainable. Shop your closet and re-imagine those basics you have to stay on trend but effortlessly stylish!

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