10 Ways to be Sustainable + Stylish in 2023

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how to be sustainable and stylish
2023’s buzz word in the fashion industry is sustainability. This has been at the forefront of fashion + style for some time now but it's gaining more and more traction as many consumers are trying their best to become more economical. You may think being sustainable is all about ditching fast fashion (which a lot of it is) but it’s actually a lot easier thank you may think.
Here are 10 tips on how to be more sustainable this year while still staying stylish.

1. Pay Attention to Fabrics
Look for sustainable organic fabrics wherever you are shopping and snag those pieces! Whether at a thrift shop or high end boutique these are good pieces to invest in. Not to mention these fabrics hold out a lot longer than polyester or nylon blends, giving you a ton more wear.
Here are some fabrics to search for: organic cotton, organic wool, linen, silk and bamboo.

2. Quality not Quantity
One of the best things about fashion is how many times you can reinvent the same piece. How many ways can you style that shirt you are going to buy? If you like to be creative then this is definitely the tip for you. Invest in quality pieces that you can get many wears from. A great way  to do this is to build a capsule wardrobe. Find 5-10 quality pieces that you can style a 100 different ways. Then when you are out shopping its more of about accessorizing rather than buying a whole new outfit.

3. Host a Clothing Swap
Love to shop and just not sure you can do away with fast fashion stores just yet? Get together with your girl friends or in your community and host a clothing swap. I can’t imagine how helpful this would have been in high school and college! With a clothing swap you can have the best of both worlds. You can get your hands on some cute trendy clothing without have to spend a dime and being sustainable because its just like recycling.


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4. Keep It Local
Sometimes we can’t afford all the high end clothes we dream over but at the very least we can shop local. Keeping money in your local stores helps your neighbors and community. That money goes right back into your neighborhood! So- you’re like helping the local economy by shopping right?! Right!

5. Refine Your Style
Sometimes the easiest way to shop better is to know exactly what your style is. Take some easy online style quizzes to help narrow down what you’re feeling for your look before you go shopping. You can also use Pinterest and create a style board saving outfits and looks you want to recreate. By helping define you look you can curb some of that impulse buying!

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6. Stay Classic
When in doubt, go for classic silhouettes in stable patterns and colors. Trends come and go but a great pair of jeans and a cashmere cardigan never are out of style. There’s a reason why the fashion world idolizes those like Audrey Hepburn and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy Jr.- classic just never goes out of style!

7.  Clothing Rentals
Clothing rental services are so popular right now and for good reason. How many times have you bought a nice dress for an event but have had no where to wear it to since? Yeah, us too. A clothing rental is a great alternative and there are even some that have monthly memberships so you can have a rotation of on trend clothing coming to your door each month. We love that!

8. Research Sustainable Brands + Stores
Seems easy enough to do! Next time you are out shopping ask what the policy on sustainability is or look at the stores website. You can also do this with the brand on the clothing too and they almost 100% of the time have a sustainability statement on their site. Just look up what’s on the tag and start a list of brands you feel good shopping. Now you have a smart list of places you can shop guilt free!

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9. Shop Your Closet
One of the most annoying things is coming back from a shopping trip and realizing you basically bought the same shirt… again. Sometimes that’s just your style and that’s ok! But next time treat it like a brain game and shop your closet first. How can you style hack that blouse to make it something new? There are a tons of style hack videos on you tube and tik tok. When in doubt just look it up!

10.  3 Style Rule
Before you buy that piece can you style it at least 3 ways right now with things already hanging in your closet? If you can feel totally guilt free and smart for splurging on it then you are doing something right! Stay sustainable and savvy but making sure that its going to last for multiple looks.


Do you have any tips or tricks to be sustainable and stylish? Tell us in the comments!

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