10 Easy Style Tips for Dressing Chic

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Let’s talk about style. No matter what yours is, there are simple style tips for pulling an outfit together you should always keep in mind.

1.When in doubt, mix tones not patterns

neutral chic outfit

An easy way to look effortlessly chic is to mix the same color in multiple tones. Have a camel coat you are dying to wear? Mix with beige pants and a cream top for an easy put together look. What we love about this tip-it is inexpensive and a no brainer. It’s the most simple way to look chic.

2. Match your metals

chic gold jewelry
From your belt buckle to watch band and all the jewelry in between, match those metals! For a big meeting at work this is going to make your outfit well though out and uber stylish. This is a great hack for a very casual outfit too. Baggy jeans and a sweater? Add your matching metals and all the sudden it’s chic and comfy.

3. Be smart about trendy pieces

green blouse for spring
If you want to be more trendy start at a basic place. For example, find the seasons it colors and  shop a few pieces that are on trend for the palette of the season but have classic silhouettes. This spring pink and green are in. Try this square neck mint green blouse for a pop of color!

4. Match separates

matching seperates chic outfit
This is the most simple tip ever. Match your shirt and bottoms! We especially love this for a shirt + skirt combo. Wear the same color and then add some simple jewelry and cute shoes to make a luxe feeling outfit in a second!

5. Wear pants + shoes that are the same color

how to dress chic
This style hack is great looking elegant while also elongating your legs! Celebs match their shoes to their pants all the time for flattering pictures. Grab a pair of trousers and thrown on matching heels with a simple button down or sweater for an elegant outfit.

6. Invest in a high quality button down

how to dress chic
A button down is a piece that can live in your closet forever. Invest in a quality button down that you can style for work or play!

7. Shop cashmere or cashmere look alike sweaters

how to dress chic
This tip sounds strange but hear us out- cashmere is the epitome of effortless chic and will never be out of style. Whether  a simple sweater or cardigan its an easy way to elevate a basic outfit. Also its crazy soft and comfortable! Its a win win.

8. Buy a Pair of Classic Hoops

how to dress chic
Hoop earrings are a great everyday staple that can be worn with anything. They also come in a million different shapes and sizes. If you like to change out your earrings a lot then hoops are a great option because you can find affordable, good quality ones pretty much anywhere!

9. Add a satin scarf

how to dress chic
Satin or silk scarves are great accessories to glam up any outfit. We love a satin neck scarf because they are so versatile. Wear them around your neck, in your hair, on your coat collar or your purse to add a little bit of classy glam to your look.

10. When in doubt, stick to neutrals

how to dress chic
No matter how comfortable you feel with your style, neutrals are always going to be in. From black to beige, you can’t go wrong with staple pieces in the most basic colors.

Let us know your go to style tips in the comments!

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